San Diego Mountain Bike Trails and Reviews

San Diego isn't just Sea World, the Zoo, and good surf; there are also some excellent mountain bike trails. San Diego's perfect weather makes for some of the best year-round mountain biking in the United States. Most of the mountain bike trails in San Diego are comprised of rocks, hills, hard packed, dry, quality, single track. The good stuff is found out east in Cleveland National Forest but there are many open space areas near town that offer fun riding.

If you are new to mountain bike trails in San Diego or taking some beginners out for the first time, there are some great San Diego mountain bike trails for beginners. Rose Canyon is flat and smooth and you can ride in conjunction with San Clemente Canyon. Rose Canyon is a great mountain bike ride for the family. Los Penasquitos, if you stay off Del Mar mesa is relatively flat and has beautiful scenery for being in the middle of Sorrento Valley. If you are in North County be sure to check out Lake Hodges, great easy mountain bike trails around the lake. Daley Ranch is also a great ride in North County but has quite a bit more hills than Lake Hodges trails. Here is a Daley Ranch trail map if you are interested.

If you are the thrill seeking adrenalin junky downhill type, be sure to check out Anderson Truck Trail, and Noble Canyon. Noble Canyon is probably the most popular trail in San Diego County. This is a great trail for all types of riding, downhill, cross country, all-mountain. You can easily get an epic 25 miler combining Noble Canyon with the Laguna Mountain trails like Big Laguna Trail. These San Diego mountain bike trails are found in East County.

If you live or are visiting central San Diego Sycamore Canyon is a great choice. You can easily get in 14 miles of singletrack at Sycamore Canyon. Mission Trails is another popular mountain bike trail in the area. Mission Trails contains over 6,000 acres and numerous miles of trail.

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Name City Rode it Wish list A.D. T.D. No of Reviews Overall Rating
A1. Anderson Truck TrailAlpine00342 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
B2. Big Laguna TrailPine Valley00223 Reviews5Rating: 5 of 5
B3. Black MountainSan Diego00333 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
C4. Calaveras LakeCarlsbad00222 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
C5. Carrizo GorgeSan Diego00110 Reviews5Rating: 5 of 5
C6. Cowles MountainSan Diego00531 Review3Rating: 3 of 5
C7. Coyote CanyonBorrego Springs00330 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
C8. Crestridge Ecological ReserveSan Diego00330 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
C9. Cuyamaca Grand LoopAlpine00321 Review3Rating: 3 of 5
D10. Daley RanchEscondido00335 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
E11. Elfin ForestCarlsbad00332 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
F12. FlightlineCarlsbad00231 Review1Rating: 1 of 5
H13. H Street Chula VistaSan Diego00331 Review4Rating: 4 of 5
H14. Hollenbeck CanyonJamul00000 Reviews1Rating: 1 of 5
H15. Hollenbeck CanyonSan Diego00331 Review4Rating: 4 of 5
I16. Indian Creek Pine MountainPine Valley00441 Review4Rating: 4 of 5
I17. Iron MountainPoway00341 Review2Rating: 2 of 5
J18. Jasper-Grapevine CanyonBorrego Springs00000 Reviews0Rating: 0 of 5
L19. La CostaSan Diego00333 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
L20. Lake HodgesEscondido00224 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
L21. Lake MorenaSan Diego00330 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
L22. Lake PowayPoway00320 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
L23. Los PenasquitosSan Diego00223 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
M24. McGinty Mountain TrialSan Diego00440 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
M25. Miramar LakeSan Diego00113 Reviews2Rating: 2 of 5
M26. Mission TrailsSantee00324 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
M27. Morley FieldSan Diego00222 Reviews2Rating: 2 of 5
M28. Mt Woodson to Poway LakeSan Diego00440 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
N29. Noble CanyonPine Valley00444 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
O30. Otay LakesChula Vista00111 Review2Rating: 2 of 5
O31. Otay Lakes and Jamul MountiansSan Diego00440 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
O32. Otay Lakes PlusSan Diego00430 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
P33. PQ RideSan Diego00550 Reviews1Rating: 1 of 5
R34. Rockhouse and Tiki HutSan Diego00550 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
R35. Rose CanyonSan Diego00225 Reviews2Rating: 2 of 5
S36. San Clemente CanyonSan Diego00122 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
S37. Santa Ysabel Open SpaceSan Diego00420 Reviews2Rating: 2 of 5
S38. Spring Valley parkSan Diego00212 Reviews2Rating: 2 of 5
S39. Sweetwater ReservoirBonita00322 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
S40. Sycamore CanyonSantee00336 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
T41. Tecolote CanyonSan Diego00124 Reviews2Rating: 2 of 5
t42. to workSan Diego00330 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
U43. UCSDLa Jolla00111 Review2Rating: 2 of 5
V44. Vail Lake Dam climbSan Diego00441 Review4Rating: 4 of 5