Flagstaff Mountain Bike Trails and Reviews

There are numerous mountain bike trails in Flagstaff, Arizona. Click a ride below to view Flagstaff trail maps, Flagstaff trail description and directions, Flagstaff mountain bike images, and read Flagstaff trail reviews.

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Name City Rode it Wish list A.D. T.D. No of Reviews Overall Rating
F1. Flagstaff to Grand CanyonFlagstaff00221 Review5Rating: 5 of 5
L2. Little BearFlagstaff00000 Reviews0Rating: 0 of 5
L3. Lower OldhamFlagstaff00330 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
R4. Rocky RidgeFlagstaff00320 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5
S5. Sunset TrailFlagstaff00122 Reviews3Rating: 3 of 5
U6. Upper OldhamFlagstaff00340 Reviews4Rating: 4 of 5