My oldest son "going big" on his first steel rigid singlespeed.

My name is Jason Zimmerman (aka: SingleSpeed) from San Diego, CA. I am a web develpor with a degree in Geography, this combined with my love for mountain biking, exercise, and being outside led me to create WhereWeRide. I wanted an easy, free, way for riders to share their rides. I always enjoy going on rides, bringing a GPS and camera, and then recording the ride for others.

I aquired my first mountain bike in 1990 after retiring from my sorry attempt at BMX racing. I was living in Flagstaff, AZ at the time and had a plethroa of trails at my disposal. Ever since watching Rambo: First Blood I have had a strong desire for outdoor adventure. I have spent numerous hours enjoying rock climbing, snowboarding, and surfing but I am always drawn back to mountain biking. You can cover so many miles of wilderness on a mountain bike and the technical aspect makes it so much fun. I could go on and on about why mountain biking is so great but if you are reading this then you probably already know.

Enjoy the site and please send me any feedback you may have. contact@whereweride.com

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